Learning All About Roofing Materials

Learning All About Roofing Materials

  • 3 Tips For Inspecting And Fixing Minor Problems With Your Home's Older Metal Roof

    If your home has an older metal roof, you may worry that there could be minor issues that could cause your roof to leak. If so, use the following three tips for inspecting and fixing minor problems with your roof. Hammer In Any Loose Nails Sticking Up While inspecting your roof, look closely to see if there are any loose nails sticking up. If so, the metal sheeting is not secured and could cause leaks if water gets underneath it.

  • Potential Problems Solar Panels Can Pose For Your Roof

    In October 2016, Tesla announced a solar roof product that it hoped would solve most of the problems associated with residential solar panels. Time will tell whether or not Tesla succeeds, but nobody can deny that most of the current range of solar products isn't ideal for residential roofs. Here are some of the problems solar panels can create for your roof: Poor Aesthetics You can choose your roof's material, color, and slope, among other things, and ensure that it looks exactly as you want it to look, but a solar panel installation will change all that.

  • A Storm Is Brewing: 4 Ways To Spot Hail Damage On Your Roof

    Now that storm season is approaching, it's time to get ready for the hail storms. If you've never experienced a hail storm, you might not realize how much damage they can do. A severe hail storm can dent cars, break windows, and even damage your roof. Unfortunately, hail damage isn't always easy to see at first glance. To inspect your roof for hail damage, here are four things you should look for after a storm.

  • 2 Colonial House Styles That Pair Well With Wooden Roofing

    Colonial house styles span back to the early settlers in America. The different styles and revivals over the years have added various ornamental elements but the basic symmetry and geometry of the style remains. If you have a Colonial home that needs new roofing installation, understanding your house and roof style can help you choose the best material with your roofing contractors. Wooden roofing comes in either shingles or shakes with both coming from the same cedar wood but varying in thickness.

  • Painting Your Aging Metal Roof? Don't Make These Big DIY Mistakes

    Metal roofs have an incredibly good reputation for having a long life span. However, after a few decades on your home, your metal roof can start to show some signs of aging even if it still does a perfect job protecting your house from the elements. Painting your metal roof is an easy way to give it that newly installed appearance without an all-out replacement. However, painting a metal roof is not as easy as it sounds, and there is a lot of room for mistakes.

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    Learning All About Roofing Materials

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