Learning All About Roofing Materials

Learning All About Roofing Materials

  • Four Terrible Flashing Mistakes To That You Can Make As A DIY Roofer

    If you are into DIY roof repair, then you should be careful only to engage in tasks you can handle. Knowing your limitations will help you to avoid mistakes that may worsen your roof problems. For example, if you try to handle your roof's flashing without the right know-how, you can end up making these four mistakes: Using Cement as Permanent Flashing If you realize that your roof flashing is damaged, the weather is making a turn for the worse, and it is threatening to rain, then you can use tar and cement to secure the joint temporarily.

  • Choosing The Right Metal For Your Shingles

    Metal roofs are well known for being durable, low maintenance, and impact resistant. But for a long time, getting a metal roof meant installing metal panels. And while they came in a variety of colors, there was no guarantee that their shape and style would match your home. Today, however, metal panels are not the only option for a metal roof. Many people are choosing metal shingles instead, which can be made to mimic many different roofing materials.

  • How To Protect Your Commercial Roof

    Roof maintenance is one important part of protecting your commercial building from liability and repair fees. Here are some key steps to keeping your roof well maintained.  Protecting Your Roof From Damage You can protect your roof from damage by trimming trees away from your building. Leaves can blow onto your roof and collect moisture, causing bubbles to form on the surface of the roof. You can prevent this damage by regularly having your roof and gutters swept.

  • How To Cover A Flat Commercial Roof With Cold Tar

    The summertime is when you should make sure your commercial flat roof with a tar surface is ready to face the coming fall and winter. If you notice cracks and worn spots forming on your tar roof, you can resurface the roof with a coating of cold tar before the rain, ice, and snow start to batter it again for another season. Here is how you can put down cold tar to protect the surface of your flat roof.

  • FAQs About Cedar Shake Roof Maintenance

    Cedar shakes give a home a distinct, natural and traditional look, and they are also an eco-friendly choice because they are biodegradable. However, some homeowners steer away from cedar shakes because they assume they are more difficult to maintain than asphalt shingles. Actually, cedar shakes are quite durable – perhaps more so than asphalt shingles. Read on to learn the truth behind cedar shake roof maintenance and gain a better perspective as to whether or not this is the right type of roof for your home.

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