Learning All About Roofing Materials

Learning All About Roofing Materials

Signs Your Concrete Tile Roof Needs Some Attention

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People who choose concrete tile roofs often do so because they want a really low-maintenance roof that does not require a lot of repairs. In general, this is true of concrete roofs. They last a lot longer than shingles and they tend to have fewer problems over their lifespan. However, that does not mean concrete tile roofs never need repairs. At some point, yours may need a repair or some maintenance, and it's important to recognize the need for that repair or maintenance early on. So, here are some signs that your concrete roof needs attention.

Black Streaks

If you look up at your roof and see black streaks, this is not just staining from nails or tree branches. It's actually algae. While algae is mainly a cosmetic issue at first, if left to grow unabated, it can start to break down the exterior finish on your tiles, which will make them more porous and increasingly prone to cracks and damage. Have a roofing contractor come to remove the algae. They can use a gentle wash that is kind to your landscaping and then apply an algae preventative to keep the black slime from coming back.

Cracked Tiles

You may have heard that cracks in your concrete tiles are not a major concern because they won't cause leaks. To some extent, this is true. You won't instantly get a roof leak the second a tile cracks, so it's not an emergency. But it is a problem to have addressed within a few months, as soon as you get around to it. Numerous cracked tiles will eventually lead to leaks as the concrete that underlies the tiles gets too wet. Have a roofing company come to replace the cracked tiles — maybe not tomorrow, but within a few months.

Moisture in the Attic

If you go into the attic and notice that the air has a generally humid feeling, this is something to take note of. You should also note any mold growth you see on the floorboards or in your insulation. Maybe you even see some drops of water. All of these issues are signs that your roof is leaking. With tile roofs, leaks are not usually big flows of water. They tend to be multiple tiny drops coming from various places. You should call a roofing company, have them come to find the source of the leaks, and ask them to make the necessary repairs.

Tile roofs are durable and hardy, but sometimes they do need some attention. If you have questions about roofing repair, reach out to a local roofer.


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