Learning All About Roofing Materials

Learning All About Roofing Materials

Choose Your New Roof With An Eye Toward Sustainability

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If it's time your home has a new roof, you should consider choosing materials that are known to be earth-friendly. As a bonus, some environmentally friendly choices are budget-friendly, too. Take a look at some new ideas below and speak with a roofing professional today.

Reuse and Recycle

Caring for the environment by investing in recycled materials has gradually become easier due to the proliferation of products that use items that were previously destined for the landfill. For example, used tires are not just economical for those who can't afford new tires, but even tires with no tread left make excellent roofing materials. Old and previously useless tires can be made into roofing shingles that can replicate several types of traditional roofing materials. Many love and long for the look of sleek — and expensive — slate tiled roofing. You can have a roof made from recycled tire material that looks like and is just as durable as the real thing.

Shiny and New

Metal roofs are growing steadily in popularity, and it's easy to see why: durability. Once you have a metal roof installed, you may never need to worry about re-roofing for 50 years or more. Metal roofs are not just guaranteed to last 50 years or more, but they end up saving homeowners money in the long run, and they cut down on the use of other roofing materials that have to be replaced every few years, like traditional asphalt shingles. Some mental roof owners can double up on the earth-friendly factor by using their roof runoff to water the yard and garden. Finally, metal roofs might save you money on cooling by deflecting the rays of the sun away from your home.

Don't Be a Heat Island

Speaking of heat, traditional asphalt roofing materials are very good at absorbing and holding heat. That issue can be alleviated by using lighter-colored roofing shingles made with materials that don't absorb heat. If you can't manage to re-roof your home but want to cut down on your cooling costs while protecting your community from the heat island effect, you can also have a professional roofer apply a special coating to your existing roof that deflects light and heat better than traditional shingles. Cool roofing options save energy by allowing homeowners to turn their air conditioner off or down.

To find out more about these and other earth-friendly roofing material ideas, speak to a local residential roofer.


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