Learning All About Roofing Materials

Learning All About Roofing Materials

How To Seal Your Barrel-Style Tile Roof And Banish Roof Rats Forever

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If your home has a barrel-style tile roof and you have been hearing roof rats running around in the attic at night, then it's important to seal up the attic space and dispatch the rats. A pest control professional can trap the rats in your attic and a licensed roofing contractor can seal up the roof, or you can opt to do the job yourself. 

If you have a DIY spirit and want to fix your own roof rat problem once and for all, then you must follow each of these steps.

Step 1: Determine Where the Roof Rats Are Getting Inside the Attic

The easiest way to determine where the roof rats are accessing your attic from is by climbing up into the attic on a sunny day. Look for where the light is streaming through. These are the rats' access points you need to seal.

One of the most common areas roof rats use to get into attic spaces are the roof returns where the soffit and tiles meet. 

Step 2: Remove the Tile Surrounding the Rats' Entry Point

You need to seal up the rats' entry point, but first, you need to remove any surrounding tiles so you have plenty of room to work. Remove each tile by removing its anchors and set the tiles aside somewhere they won't be damaged.

Step 3: Seal the Entry Point with Rodent-Proof Materials

To seal up the rats' entry point into the attic, you need to cover it with metal so they can't chew through it. On the exterior, cover the metal with concrete and on the inside cover it with foam insulation.

Step 4: Trim and Replace the Tile 

Now that the attic has been sealed up, it's safe to reinstall the tiles you remove in Step 2. If the tiles are now too big because of the repair materials being in the way, then you can cut them using a tile saw. Reinstall the tiles butted up against the repair materials and apply anchors and sealant to hold them in place. 

Step 5: Set Snap Traps in the Attic to Kill the Roof Rats

Once the attic has been sealed and the roof rats can no longer get out to forage for food, they will be easy to trap because the only food available to them will be that which is on your traps. Set out some snap traps along the rafters where you find the most rat excrement and make sure you remove the rats daily to avoid unpleasant odors.

For more information, reach out to roofing companies like The Roof Doctor.


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