Learning All About Roofing Materials

Learning All About Roofing Materials

Getting A New Roof? Faqs About Tile Roofing

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If you are building a new house or replacing the roof on your current home, you may want to try something other than asphalt shingles. One option at your disposal is tile roofing. Read on to find answers to some questions you may have about tile roofs.  

Are all tile roofs made of terracotta?

Terracotta is a reddish-brown clay-based tile that is incredibly popular in warm climates and for those trying to emulate a Spanish colonial look. While many people think of terracotta first when it comes to tile roofs, this isn't the only tile option.

You now have the option of plastic, wood, metal, or concrete tiles; and you can choose glazed or un-glazed tiles depending on your style preference and waterproofing needs. If you are interested in a green roof, you can invest in solar tiles, which are small solar panels that are designed to look like slate tiles.

Do you have to live in a warm climate to have tiles?

Although terracotta tiles are often seen in warmer climates, you can certainly have a tile roof in a region with distinct seasons and rain. You may need to waterproof the tiles and choose a tile shape that is good for moisture. For instance, interlocking roof tiles are fantastic at protecting the home from wind and rain. The roofing installers will make sure that the tile has air pockets between the sheathing and the underside of the tile. This will help reduce ice dam and expanding or contracting materials due to weather changes.

You could also choose imbrex and tegula tiles. Imbrex and tegula tiles contain semi-cylindrical joints so that the water filters down tiled channels. This also means that you may be able to get away with less waterproofing.

Do roof tiles cost a lot?

The initial costs of tile are usually more than asphalt shingles. However, tile roofs can last about fifty years—or even longer with good care. Asphalt shingles may need replacements and repairs after a decade or two of wear and tear. So, ideally, the longevity of the tile should balance out the upfront costs.

However, there are other factors that can affect the cost. For instance, clay tile is usually much more expensive than other roof tiles, like concrete and wooden shakes. Also, the thickness of the individual tiles will also vary the cost: the thicker the tile, the costlier the roof.

Is it easy to maintain a tile roof?

Compared to other roofing options, tile roofs are very easy to maintain. Every couple of years, you'll need to give the roof a thorough cleaning with a pressure washer to remove debris, algae, etc. If you live a rainy/stormy area, then you will have to do a little more maintenance and check the gutters for leaves and other debris.

If you suspect serious damage on the roof or flashing, it's best to contact a roofing professional. Tile roofs are durable, but they shouldn't be walked on by the layperson, as he or she could accidentally crack the tiles.


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