Learning All About Roofing Materials

Learning All About Roofing Materials

Why Have Vinyl Siding Installed This Winter

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Of all the times to do a home improvement project, you may not think of the winter to be the best time to do it. However, homeowners looking to replace their vinyl siding should know that winter can be an ideal time to have this job done.  Here are a few reasons to have the job done during the colder months of the year.

Easier Scheduling

As you may imagine, siding companies get booked when the weather is nice and homeowners start thinking about these types of home improvement projects. This means that you can have difficulties hearing back from contractors due to being overbooked, or needing to schedule the installation weeks in advance in order to fit in into their bus schedule.

The winter is going to be less busy for the siding contractors, meaning that they are looking for work and more willing to work with you.  You'll likely hear back much faster when it comes to getting the estimate, and even be able to schedule the work to be done soon after.

Lower Costs

When a business is slow during the cold winter months, they will be more competitive to win over your business. They need to keep their contractors busy, and you may find that rates are more competitive when getting quotes from multiple vendors.  While you won't save money on the siding material itself, you'll find that companies are more willing to negotiate on the cost of labor.

Be aware that the winter weather shouldn't cause the length of the installation to increase very much.  Even if there are some additional hours involved due to the weather and contractors working a bit slower, you still could end up saving money by finding a contractor that is willing to give you a deal.

Easier Vinyl Installation

You may not realize that winter is an ideal time to install vinyl siding due to the way the material reacts to the cold.  In hot weather, vinyl will end up expanding under the heat from the sun, which will cause some problems that won't be apparent until the material cools down again.  For instance, you may have nails that pop out, or panels that start to buckle.

A winter installation means that vinyl will be at its normal size. Just make sure it's not too cold, sine freezing temperatures could cause vinyl to crack because it is too stiff. Contact a siding contractor for more help.


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