Learning All About Roofing Materials

Learning All About Roofing Materials

Things You Should Know About Repair, Restoration, Or Replacement Of Your Commercial Roof

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One thing that some commercial building owners are not fully aware of is that the roof they're about to have replaced may not need full replacement. Note that 85 percent of commercial roofs that are replaced are unnecessarily performed because of poor information. There are steps you can take prior to a replacement that can correct your roof's current status, and you should begin with repair of a leaking problem. A professional roof restoration technician can still bring the roof back to an unassailable condition under warranty when the leaking problem is beyond repair.

Leaking Roof

When you have a persistent leaky roof that's in a repetitive leak-repair cycle, then you might think completely tearing off and replacing the roof is the best thing to do. That's not the smartest solution. There are commercial repair options that your commercial roofing services technician will use on roof membrane issues. Roof membranes can begin to split, crack, or tear. Cracked membranes then begin to expose open laps. Open laps are generally caused due to workmanship issues while cracks are typically brought about by aging or material defects. Membrane issues can be repaired quickly before the condition worsens. Your professional commercial roofer will also check to see whether possible loose sealing may be allowing water to enter the building.

Early Roof Repair

The smartest commercial roof decision is to have your building's roof repaired when there is a sign of the roof leaking. Your immediate response should be to seek help from a professional commercial roofer. If you fail to have the repairs done, then you are allowing the roof's leaking condition to worsen. You still have a chance to go one step further at this point with roof restoration, which could save you from replacing the entire roof.

What Is Roof Restoration?

When you choose roof restoration, the roof material is left in place. Your roof's minor issues are repaired and resurfaced in order to update the roof. Bear in mind that a roof restoration may not be recommended for every roof, but it can be done on most asphalt and metal roof surfaces when they meet the criteria set forth. You will need a thorough inspection to determine if your roof is a good candidate for restoration. That calls for documentation of a year's roof maintenance information. The last inspection should not be done more than 6 months from the time of restoration.

Replacement Of Your Building's Roof

Your roof replacement could begin with stripping off all the shingles before replacing the underlayment and the shingles. Perhaps layering on a new set of shingles over the old shingles might be recommended. Be aware that if your building has had many problems, such as multiple leaks, lichen growth, and associated decay, or moisture found in insulation beneath the roof, these conditions will call for roof replacement and not a restoration.


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