Learning All About Roofing Materials

Learning All About Roofing Materials

How To Figure Out If Commercial Roof Repairs Need To Be Done

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Taking care of the investment you have in a roof at a place of business is important, but you also want to know you're getting the most years for your dollar out of it. Working with a commercial roofing firm, you can determine whether any work needs to be done and how to go about it. It's wise, however, to be informed about how the process goes.


Hiring a company that performs commercial roof inspections will allow you to get the full picture of what's going on. In many cases, commercial roof repairs can be performed if there is something relatively simple to fix, such as a small crack. These can often be addressed using various types of patch kits, including epoxies and rubber coatings. If there's a problem deeper inside the structure, you may need to do a full removal of the roof.

Roof Types

The kind of roof on your building will determine a lot of what follows. If you have a flat roof, as is common at many commercial locations, the job may call for nothing more involved than swabbing the surface with a coat of fibered roof tar. Other surfaces, such as shingles or metal, may get a bit more complicated to deal with, especially if the roof is steep. In some cases, cutting out failing materials and replacing them may be required. This might extend to having to do work on underlying support structures, such as wooden beams.


One of the most important terms in the roofing industry is pitch, a description of how many inches the roof rises for every foot you progress from the edge. The more pitch a roof has, the more equipment and time will be needed to do the job.

You should also understand the difference between re-roofing and roof replacement. Re-roofing is the process of adding more shingles or tar coating on top of the existing surface. It adds weight every time you do it, and most companies will refuse to do it after more than five or six layers have been added. A roof replacement calls for stripping the existing surface, laying down new base materials and putting on a new surface.

Eaves, valleys, and corners also dictate many of the requirements of a job. If you're dealing with a metal roof, for example, the contractor may have to make custom cuts to accommodate odd angles.

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