Learning All About Roofing Materials

Learning All About Roofing Materials

3 Tips For Inspecting And Fixing Minor Problems With Your Home's Older Metal Roof

Beverley Hall

If your home has an older metal roof, you may worry that there could be minor issues that could cause your roof to leak. If so, use the following three tips for inspecting and fixing minor problems with your roof.

Hammer In Any Loose Nails Sticking Up

While inspecting your roof, look closely to see if there are any loose nails sticking up. If so, the metal sheeting is not secured and could cause leaks if water gets underneath it. Give each nail sticking up a few solid whacks with your hammer to secure them.

If a nail is rusty or breaks, hammer in a new roofing nail. Make sure to purchase nails that are specially designed for metal roofing, and ask the representative at the hardware store or home and garden center to direct you towards rustproof ones.

Brush Off Any Rusty Areas

While searching for loose nails, also look for any rusty areas on the roof's surface. If you find any, these need to be brushed off with a wire brush. If the oxidation is allowed to remain, it could eat into the metal and create holes in your roof.

While brushing away the rust, you may find areas that have already deteriorated to the point that there are holes in your roof. If this is the case, you may want to contact a roofer as soon as you can to possibly have the damaged metal sheeting replaced. If your roof is covered with these rusty holes, it may be time to replace your roof.

Patch Any Open Seams And Edges

During your inspection, make note of any open seams and edges around the metal sheets. If you see any, these could pose a serious leak risk since the underlying wood is partially exposed.

If you have a small number of open areas, buy some roofing cement designed for metal roofs. Then, follow the instructions to fully cover and seal the seams and edges.

If you have large gaps, or if the sheets are starting to come off, a simple patch job may not prevent leaks. You may need a professional inspection to determine what needs to be done.

The above three tips are meant to help you make minor repairs on your metal roof. However, if you discover extensive damage, you may want to contact a roofing company, such as Berwald  Roofing Inc, to have someone come out to professionally inspect your roof and discuss your options as to whether it can be repaired or needs to be replaced.


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