Learning All About Roofing Materials

Learning All About Roofing Materials

Potential Problems Solar Panels Can Pose For Your Roof

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In October 2016, Tesla announced a solar roof product that it hoped would solve most of the problems associated with residential solar panels. Time will tell whether or not Tesla succeeds, but nobody can deny that most of the current range of solar products isn't ideal for residential roofs. Here are some of the problems solar panels can create for your roof:

Poor Aesthetics

You can choose your roof's material, color, and slope, among other things, and ensure that it looks exactly as you want it to look, but a solar panel installation will change all that. Many people will agree that solar panels make the roof ugly. Even if you don't care about your roof's aesthetics, your local homeowner's association (HOA) may disagree with you.

There are several ways of solving (or, more aptly, trying to solve) this problem. For example, you can have the panels installed on the back part of the roof so that they don't mess up your curb appeal. Some companies are starting to produce great-looking solar products that look better than conventional panels. Some of these new products are integrated into the roof and come in different colors. You can scour the market and see if there is something that tickles your fancy.

Potential Roof Damage

All roof installations, solar panels included, have the potential to damage the roof. This is because the installations interfere with the continuity of the roof and also introduce roof punctures, which can lead to leakage. However, the risk of roof damage is only high if your installations are handled by an amateur. Therefore, one way of preventing potential solar damage to your roof is to have it installed by a professional installer. There are also solar shingles that aren't installed as projections; they are actually used as roofing shingles and therefore cannot puncture the roof or interfere with roof continuity.

Repair and Maintenance Complications

Servicing a roof with solar panels is more complicated than servicing a roof without the installations. For one, repairing a section of the roof under a solar panel can be extremely complicated. Secondly, the roofers also have to be extra careful so as not to damage the panels. Lastly, if your roof needs to be replaced, you have to incur the cost of removing and reinstalling the panels. A good way to prepare yourself for this potential problem is by ensuring that your roof is structurally sound before having solar panels installed on it. A roofing contractor, such as Darnell Construction, can evaluate the roof and suggest areas of improvement before the installation.


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