Learning All About Roofing Materials

Learning All About Roofing Materials

2 Colonial House Styles That Pair Well With Wooden Roofing

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Colonial house styles span back to the early settlers in America. The different styles and revivals over the years have added various ornamental elements but the basic symmetry and geometry of the style remains. If you have a Colonial home that needs new roofing installation, understanding your house and roof style can help you choose the best material with your roofing contractors.

Wooden roofing comes in either shingles or shakes with both coming from the same cedar wood but varying in thickness. Shingles have a more pressed, smooth appearance though the installed shingles will still look thicker than something like slate tiles. Shakes have a coarser, rustic appearance that offers more textural dimension to the roof.

There are a couple of Colonial house styles that pair particularly well with wooden roofing.

Dutch Colonial

Dutch Colonial homes feature a simple, square floor plan that was common of revival styles. The homes have a symmetrical number of windows on the front, a side entry door, and little by way of ornamentation other than flared eaves and a gambrel roof.

A gambrel roof, also called a barn roof, has two distinct sections on each of its two sides. The lower section has a steeper slope while the upper section has a lower slope. The two sides meet at a shallow peak.

Wood roofing pairs well with a gambrel roof due to its rustic architectural origins. Wood shakes in particular can bring back that barn-like feel to the gambrel. Dutch Colonials often also have clapboard wooden siding so the roof is a great way to continue on with the material. If your home still has wooden siding, make sure the color of the roof doesn't perfectly match the siding or you will have a monochromatic, washed-out look.

Saltbox Colonial

Saltbox Colonials are named for the roof type, which features a shorter, low-sloped side hanging over the front of the house and a longer, steeper side over the back of the house. The saltbox roof almost looks like a steep gable roof that got one side trimmed. Saltbox homes have a rectangular shape, wood or masonry siding, and sometimes have an upper floor that juts out further than the lower floor.

Wood roofing pairs well with either wood or masonry siding. Using shakes can make the front, short roof look larger and more textured so that your home doesn't look so stark. If you are trying to use wood roofing with masonry, make sure the wood stain color has a similar undertone – usually warm – as the brick to tie everything together visually.   

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