Learning All About Roofing Materials

Learning All About Roofing Materials

Painting Your Aging Metal Roof? Don't Make These Big DIY Mistakes

Beverley Hall

Metal roofs have an incredibly good reputation for having a long life span. However, after a few decades on your home, your metal roof can start to show some signs of aging even if it still does a perfect job protecting your house from the elements. Painting your metal roof is an easy way to give it that newly installed appearance without an all-out replacement. However, painting a metal roof is not as easy as it sounds, and there is a lot of room for mistakes. Here are a few of the biggest mistakes you should work to avoid if you plan to paint your metal roof

Mistake: Not adequately preparing the roof before it is painted. 

Why? You cannot just take your paint on the roof and start slathering it on without first making some preparations. Take some time to sweep off each metal panel and clean it with a sturdy scrub brush to eliminate any algae, dirt, and debris that may prevent the paint from sticking to the surface. It is even a good idea to sand down spots where corrosion is starting to be apparent to offer a more even surface. Not properly preparing the roof will leave you with a less than desirable finish, which could just make the roof look damaged. 

Mistake: Using the wrong type of paint to coat the metal roofing panels. 

Why? If you go for the wrong type of metal roof paint, your efforts to coat the roof will basically be done in vain. Regular latex paint will just bubble up and peel away, while traditional exterior paint designed for use on siding and wood will not adhere well to the surface of the metal panels. If you plan to paint your roof, it is best to go with a paint which is specifically formulated for painting metal. This paint is highly concentrated and has thick, acrylic latex with emulsifiers that allow the substance to adhere to the metal. 

Mistake: Not taking the weather into consideration before you get started. 

Why? A painted metal roof, even when using the right type of paint, can take quite a while to dry and cure. Therefore, if a rainstorm comes along during the application process or shortly after, you will see your efforts ruined and a lot of the paint will simply wash away. Before you get started on a roof painting project, it is a good idea to make sure you have a few days of dry weather. 


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