Learning All About Roofing Materials

Learning All About Roofing Materials

What To Know About Replacing Your Asphalt Roof With Tile

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If your old asphalt roof needs to be replaced, you may want to consider putting on a tile roof. A tile roof gives your home an upscale appearance, and together with fresh paint can give your home a whole new look. It is ideal for homes with Mediterranean architecture, but a tile roof is a good match for any home, including a basic ranch home when you want to give it a luxury touch. Appearance isn't the only good thing about a tile roof, though. It has several other advantages over asphalt. Here are a few things to know about putting a tile roof on your home.

Tiles Are Heavier Than Shingles

Tiles are made of clay or concrete, so they are much heavier than asphalt shingles. Because of that, tiles are more durable and stable on your roof. However, you should have a contractor assess your home to see if it can support the weight of heavier tiles. If the deck of your roof is old or rotted, it will need to be replaced so it is strong enough to support the tiles. Also, you'll probably have to take off your old roof. Sometimes you can add a new asphalt roof on top of an old roof since shingles are so lightweight. However, since tiles are heavier, you'll probably need to remove all your current roofing and start from the deck up.

Tile Roofing Is Durable

A tile roof has a long lifespan. The roof could potentially last longer than your house. That makes tile a great option if you plan to live in your home for decades to come. Tile withstands all weather conditions. It is waterproof, strong enough to stay in place during high winds, and resists cracking and chipping from hail. It also resists fire damage. Because it is so durable, it needs very little in the way of repairs over the years. That means maintenance costs will be low, although you will have to wash the roof occasionally to keep grime and algae off of it. If you do need to make repairs, tiles are placed on the roof individually, so they are easy to remove and replace. Because of its durability and long lifespan, having a tile roof may increase the value of your home and be a selling point if you ever put your home on the market.

Tiles Come In Many Colors

When you think of a tile roof, an orange color probably comes to mind. While that is a popular color for tile roofing, you actually have your choice from a wide range of colors. You may want a white or light color to complement your exterior paint. You can choose dark colors that mimic the look of more costly slate. The shape of the tiles can vary too. You can choose flat tiles or rounded ones. There are even tiles available that look like wood shakes, so you can have the appearance of wood without all the maintenance wood requires. Because of all these choices, a tile roof is a good option for a country cabin, beach cottage, historic home, or luxury estate.

In addition to these advantages, a tile roof is more energy efficient than asphalt. The way tiles are applied to the decking allows for airflow under and around the tiles. This creates an insulation barrier that reduces heat transfer so your home stays cooler in the summer and warmer during the winter months.

If you have more questions about roofing or are thinking about installing a tile roof, contact Amick Roofing Inc.


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