Learning All About Roofing Materials

Learning All About Roofing Materials

The Enormous Benefits Of Metal Roofing Panels

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Your roof is an imperative part of your home's appeal and family's shelter, so making sure it is in good condition is essential. Most shingled roofs will require replacement over time, so understanding the different options available for your home is wise. While asphalt shingles are traditional options, metal roofing panels are becoming popular choices due to their enormous benefits. Using this guide, you will understand the benefits and concept behind these innovative metal panels.

The 411 on Metal Roofing Panels

While surprising to hear, metal panels are not the same materials used in tin roofs on barns. Constructed out of aluminum, steel, or copper and painted to complement your home's exterior design, metal roofing panels are a more economical, durable, and appealing option for homeowners.


Replacing a shingled roof with metal panels offer enormous benefits, but its intense durability is what makes them stand out from other materials.

Each manufacturer offers a different warranty on their product, but you can expect your metal roofing panels to last up to 50 years.  

Metal panels are noncombustible, so they are resistant to fires. In addition, there is no worry of decay, rot, insects, and mildew with a metal roof. Lastly, rain, snow, and sleet will slide right off of the metal panels. This prevents moisture from building up on your roof, increasing your risk of leaks.

Energy Efficiency

Heating and cooling takes up a large portion of your home's total energy usage, but installing metal roofing panels can help you conserve energy while reducing the costs to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Metal panels reflect sunlight and absorb less heat than a standard roofing material. By installing this cool roofing option, you can save up to 40 percent on your energy costs.

Easy Installation

Replacing your existing shingle with the metal panels may seem overwhelming. However, installing the metal panel system on your roof is actually a simple process. In most cases, the metal panels can be installed directly over your existing shingles.

Be sure to contact your local building department for details about your state and county's specific building codes, since some codes do not allow two layers of roofing.

Appealing Sound

Rain dropping onto a metal roof is a pleasant sound for many people. Installing metal roofing panels on your home allows you to hear this appealing sound for many years to come.

Metal panels are durable, attractive, and efficient options for your roof. With this guide and the help of your contractor, your home can reap the enormous benefits of metal roofing panels. 

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