Learning All About Roofing Materials

Learning All About Roofing Materials

How To Prepare Your Business For Wind Storms

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Spring and summer are considered by many to be the best seasons of the year. However, the seasonal weather can also be unpredictable, bringing along major storms and tornados. As a business owner, you need to take precautions to protect your business and customers from the type of extreme weather that spring and summer can bring.

Building Issues

Unfortunately, you may experience a number of dangerous storms each year, including those containing wind and hail. To protect your business and your customers from harm, you need to practice regular maintenance. In particular, you need to check your roof and eaves to make certain that your roofing is firmly attached and that the eaves are in good shape. If you see signs of loose shingles or other damaged roofing materials, call in your roofing contractor for a professional inspection and repair. Companies like Bob Behrends Roofing & Gutters LLC may be able to help.

You also need to have any overhanging or dead branches trimmed to keep them from damaging your roof during a storm and to keep them from harming your customers and their cars. Consider investing in storm-resistant windows as well. If a storm strikes during business hours, you want to provide a safe and dry environment for everyone sheltering in your building. 

Customer Protection

If possible, you should create a safe room or another protected area for your customers and employees. This area should be in the basement or on the first floor whenever possible. If you do not have a basement, you can seek shelter in an interior room that has no outside walls or windows. If necessary, you can gather everyone in an interior hallway. Also, you can take shelter under tables or desks to add another layer of protection.

Have bottled water on hand and even a few snacks. Sometimes a storm can last for hours. No one should leave your building until the authorities give the "all clear." Remember, if you give your customers a good experience during an emergency, you can create a strong bond with them. 

Warm-weather storms are a fact of life in many areas, so you need to take precautions to protect your staff, your customers, and your business. Inspect your property and envision what a violent wind storm could do with landscaping items or your roof and take steps to secure them. Make preparations inside as well. If necessary, you need your building to be a safe shelter for employees and customers when the weather turns extreme. 


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