Learning All About Roofing Materials

Learning All About Roofing Materials

Christmas Lights And Roofing – Preventing Damage During The Removal

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When you're hanging your Christmas lights on the roof, you probably aren't thinking too much about the work that goes into taking them down after the holidays have come to an end. Sadly, the mild temperatures you enjoyed while hanging the lights will have come and gone and you will be left with bitter cold temperatures to take them down in. Those cold temperatures can cause you to rush to remove the lights, but doing so can cause damage to the lights and the roof. Below, you will find some tips that can help you prevent damage to your roof and your lights as you remove them.

Tips for Removing the Lights

Many homeowners make the mistake of using a staple gun to hang the lights. This is a bad choice for two reasons – it makes it more difficult to quickly take down the lights and you could damage the wiring. If you have gone this route, don't grab one end of the lights and give them a good tug to remove them. This will most definitely cause damage to both the roofing and the lights.

Climb onto the roof with a pair of needle-nose pliers on a clear day. Grasp each staple carefully with the pliers and pull it straight out of the roofing.

Note: To avoid this tedious task next year, don't hang lights on your shingles and use the plastic hooks that are made for hanging lights on the roof. These hooks clip right onto the gutter or screw into the wood and can be left there year after year.

Tips for Storing the Lights

How you store your lights will have an impact on how many years of use you get out of them and how difficult your job is to put them up next year. Tossing the strings of lights into a storage bin will get them all tangled up and break the bulbs.

Find a piece of cardboard and cut a notch in one end and another in the other end. Slide the cord at the plug through the notch and carefully wrap the lights around the cardboard. When you come to the end of the light string, slide the cord at the end in the other notch. Next year, you will have easy access to the lights and can quickly get them hung without going through the struggles of untangling them.

Note: If you have any empty wrapping paper tubes, you can wrap your lights around them. Then, when you go to install the lights next year, you can stick a broom-stick through the tube and roll them out in no time.

If you have caused damage to your roof this year, don't hesitate to call your local roofing professional for repairs. Next year, you will know better how to avoid the added expense and inconvenience of damaging your roof with your Christmas lights.


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