Learning All About Roofing Materials

Learning All About Roofing Materials

Gutter Issues That Do Not Always End In Replacement

Beverley Hall

The average price of replacing a gutter depends on different factors such as the material and size of the gutter. For example, installing aluminum gutters costs between $4 and $9 per linear foot. However, not all gutter problems have to be resolved by replacing the gutters. There are some issues that you (or a professional roofer) can fix so that you can continue using the same gutters. Here are four examples:


Just because your gutters aren't draining away the roof water, it doesn't mean that they are damaged, and you have to replace them. It may be something as simple as a gutter blockage. Leaves, dirt, ice, paper, and polyethylene are just a few examples of debris that can cause a gutter blockage. Other signs of gutter blockages include:

  • Eroded ground beneath the gutter
  • Peeling paint on the siding
  • Water not flowing through the downspouts

Most blockages occur around the strainer (located at the intersection of the downspout and the gutter), gutter seams, and hangers. Cleaning the gutters, re-positioning them, and fixing the damaged hangers easily solve the problem.


The position and extent of the leak determine whether you have to replace the gutter or plug the hole. For example, most leaks occur at the seams (joints between adjacent sections of gutter materials). Such leaks occur when the sealant used to join the gutters deteriorates and falls off. Fixing such a problem is as simple as resealing the joints.

Even a small hole that doesn't occur at the seams can be sealed. However, if the holes are big or appear at several places other than the seams, then you may have to replace your gutters. Such serious leaks usually appear on aged gutters, especially if they are metallic and have started rusting.


Gutters are designed to drain water in particular directions. To do this, they are installed at certain angles and at particular places. However, when the gutter hangers and seals get damaged, the gutters start to sag, which interferes with efficient drainage. Sagging can also occur when the gutters are weighed down by debris, ice, or standing water.

Such gutters can easily be fixed by re-sealing their joints or fastening them. It's also advisable to identify the cause of the sagging to prevent further damage. For example, if it is caused by debris accumulation, then you ought to increase the frequency of cleaning the gutters.

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