Learning All About Roofing Materials

Learning All About Roofing Materials

House Hunting? 4 Quick Tips To Determine If That New House Needs A New Roof

Beverley Hall

Buying a house can be an exciting, yet nerve-racking experience. Unless you are specifically shopping for a fixer-upper, you do not want to buy a home that needs immediate repairs. You want a solid investment. Plus, buying a new roof is not necessarily an expense you want right after closing on a new house. An asphalt roof typically lasts only 15-20 years. Most homeowners or their Realtor will be able to tell you when the current roof was installed, which should give you a general idea of how much life is left in it. Mother Nature comes into play, though. Extreme rain, snow, wind, salt spray, hail, and the sun's UV rays can all age a roof faster than expected. Of course, your home inspection will reveal any needed repairs, but there are several key items to look out for before you even make an offer. 

1. Curling: If you stand directly below the eaves of a roof and look up, the shingles should appear to be flush with the roof. If the edges curl up, they are reaching the end of their life expectancy. New shingles are soft and pliable. As they age, however, they become brittle. The edges curl up and eventually break off, leaving your home vulnerable to water penetration.

2. Gravel: New shingles have a protective coating of a gravel-like substance. This gravel helps strengthen the shingles against the effects of rain, snow, and wind. Over time, however, the gravel wears off. It often settles in the gutters and splash guards of the home. If you notice gravel in those key areas, chances are the house needs to reroofing.  

3. Missing Shingles: Shingles are meant to stay put. In fact, unless you recently experienced hurricane force winds, all the shingles should be firmly attached. Missing shingles are a huge sign of wear. Look in the garden beds and behind the foundation plantings for broken pieces. 

4. Light: While touring the house, ask to peek into the attic. If you see sunlight streaming in through the roof, know that rain, snow, and ice are coming in through the very same holes. A roof's main job is to prevent water from entering the home so those holes means the roof needs to be replaced ASAP. Plus, the Environmental Protection Agency warns that mold can grow in as little as 48 hours if the source of water penetration is not cleaned up immediately.  


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