Learning All About Roofing Materials

Learning All About Roofing Materials

3 Important Tips For Commercial Flat Roof Repair And Maintenance

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If your business or commercial property has a flat roof, you need to know to know how to properly maintain it. By doing so, you can often save on expensive repairs and minimize any resulting damage to your home or property. Due to the different commercial flat roofs in use today, you will also need to determine the type of roof you have.

A Built-Up Roof

This type of roof is arguably one of the most common roofs, is very affordable and has been used for many years. Although your parents or grandparents may have had this type of roof that was made of tar paper, your roof would use a more modern option like fiberglass. It is easy to spot, due to its layers of material that are each covered by hot tar and then finished with a layer of gravel.

However, you need to watch that gravel, because severe weather or even just normal wear can cause the gravel to move away from the roof. If that happens, it will often lodge into gutters, causing overflow or damage to the units. The solution is to regularly check the roof, remove any stray pieces of gravel when you see them and top off the levels of gravel as needed.

The Rubber Roof

A rubber roof is environmentally responsible, since recycled tires are used to make it. It can be attached to the existing roof structure by fasteners, glue or even stone. Unfortunately, its damage is likely to be obvious holes, rips or tears within the rubber itself.

The good news is that your roofing specialist can patch it fairly easily. The bad news is that he may need to do so often, because damage to the material is common. If the roof has been repaired many times, be sure to find out if the roof for your business will need treatments to reinforce its insulative properties if you live in a hot area. Specifically, a darker rubber will absorb heat, while treating it with a lighter color will keep your business cooler during hot summer days. If large portions of the roof have been repaired, that cooling ability may have been compromised.

The Fluid-Applied Roof Membrane

If your business has a non-traditional roof, you will find that maintaining or repairing it is particularly challenging. Fortunately, you have the option of attaching a membrane to the sub-structure with a unique roofing fluid. Similar to a paint gun, the roofer will apply numerous coats, and after is dry, it is a usable membrane made of a rubbery texture.

Excessive sun, bitter cold and severe weather disturbances can dislodge the membrane, causing the membrane to deteriorate or cause holes. Repairs can be done with a strategic use of the gun or roller that holds the fluid, but you should make sure that the levels stay even so that future repairs can be provided at the same time.

In conclusion, the roof for your business is typically sturdy and intact. Be sure to check regularly for damage, because if you wait to see a leak, repairs will often be more costly. Contact a professional roofing contractor like RTN Roofing Systems for more information on commercial flat roof repair and maintenance.


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