Learning All About Roofing Materials

Learning All About Roofing Materials

Three Mistakes That May Void Your Roof Warranty

Beverley Hall

One of the things that people consider when shopping for a new roof is the duration and details of the warranty offered. This is good because the warranty can save you a lot of money when an expected damage occurs to your roof, or if it turns out that it is defective.

However, you must be careful with what you do to your roof because some of your actions may void the warranty:

Carrying Out High-Pressure Power Washing on the Roof

Power washing, chemical washing, and brushing are some of the common methods people use to get moss off their roofs. However, you should be careful on which method you choose because some methods may void your warranty. For example, pressure washing may not be suitable for shingles because it can rip off the shingle granules and even tear through the shingles themselves. Such an action can easily void your warranty.

The best thing to do is to prevent the moss from getting onto the roof in the first place, for example, by installing protective zinc strips. However, if your roof already has mold stains, then a professional roof cleaner may be your best bet of cleaning the roof without voiding your warranty.

Letting Too Much Debris Accumulate on Your Roof

You don't just sign a warranty and hope that everything turns out alright; you have a duty to maintain your roof. One of these maintenance practices involves keeping the roof free of debris that would damage it. Examples of dangerous debris include snow, leaves, and tree branches. You don't expect your roof manufacturer to pay you for your roof because you allowed too many leaves to accumulate and cause decay, do you?

Performing Amateur Installations on the Roof

You may consider yourself handy with the tools, but DIY antics should not extend to the installation of things on the roof. When you set up satellite dishes, communication antennae or decorative designs on the roof, you increase the risk of roof damage. This is because joints between roof projections and the roof are often the sources of roof problems. For example, they may let in water into the roof structure, which can cause considerable damage over time.   

The more installation you have on the roof, the greater the risk of a roof leak. The risk increase even more if the installation is amateurishly done. If a manufacturer learns that one of your roof installations is the cause of damage, then it may void your warranty. Protect your investment by having such installations carried out by professionals.

Always read your roof warranty's terms and conditions so that you don't void it with your DIY antics. It doesn't mean you don't work on your roof; work on it, but do it professionally without causing damages. To learn more, contact a company like Allen Roofing & Construction Inc. with any questions you have.


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