Learning All About Roofing Materials

Learning All About Roofing Materials

Five Widespread Misconceptions About Spray Foam Roofing

Beverley Hall

Although spray foam can be an ideal roofing solution for some roofs- especially roofs that are flat or have a low slope- many people opt for another roofing solution because of misconceptions regarding foam roofing. The following are five incorrect assumptions people often make about spray foam roofing:

Spray foam roofing won't provide good insulation.

Spray foam roofing is, in fact, a great roofing choice if you need to find a good roofing option for a structure located in a colder climate. Foam roofing features a closed cell structure that's known for high R-values (thermal resistance).  

Because a spray foam roof creates a single monolithic barrier that protects a home against the elements, it typically provides outstanding insulation. A spray foam roof insulates better than using foam boards to insulate because foam board insulation has many seams that allow both moisture and cold air to get through. 

Spray foam is an expensive roofing option.

The cost of a spray foam roof is typically less than that of other traditional roofing options. Costs generally range between $3 and $5 per square foot. On the other hand, a clay or concrete tile roof will cost $5 per square foot at the very least. 

The cost of spray foam roofing is also more stable than the cost of some roofing options. Some roofing materials - such as asphalt shingles - contain a significant amount of oil-based components. This makes their prices fluctuate significantly depending on the price of oil.  

Spray foam roofs aren't durable.

Many people make the assumption that foam products could never be as durable as other roofing materials like metal and wood shingles. However, foam roofs are very strong and durable. A spray foam roof can last 30 years or more. 

When spray foam roofs are installed, they form a strong bond with the layer below that provides strong protection against leaks and wind uplift. 

Foam roofing will absorb water.

A spray foam roof that is appropriately installed should be impenetrable to water. In fact, a piece of spray foam roofing should remain buoyant indefinitely if it is submerged in water. Polyurethane foam is so impervious to water that it is often used in the construction of sea vessels. 

You will not be able to walk on a spray foam roof.

Spray foam roofing is strong enough that it can support people walking on its surface. This can make things easier when maintenance tasks need to be performed on the roof. 

If you're interested in learning more about spray foam roofing, contact a company like Armstrong Installation Service for more information. 


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