Learning All About Roofing Materials

Learning All About Roofing Materials

Repairing A Roof On Your Own? Follow These 6 Safety Tips

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If you are looking to save some money, you may consider repairing your damaged roof all on your own. While you need to have the correct tools and knowledge to do the repair, knowing how to do it safely should be your top priority. Roofers with many years of experience have seen accidents and falls off a roof, causing serious injury due to not taking proper safety precautions. While it is impossible to rule out injury completely when working on a roof, these tips can help you increase the chance of avoiding an injury.

Focus On Your Roof, Not Your Surroundings

It's tempting to look out at the neighborhood from high atop your roof, but is not very safe to do so while navigating the roof itself. Always stay focused on where you are stepping to avoid an accident. Looking out into the distance can mess with your perspective, and potentially make you dizzy.

Wear Safety Goggles

Accidents happen unintentionally when you least expect it, which is why they are called accidents. Nobody expects to get hit in their eye with a nail, but it does happen sometimes. Not only will wearing safety glasses protect your eyes in case you do have an accident, but it will protect you from being stunned due to the pain, and save you from falling off your roof.

Put On The Correct Shoes

You need to wear a shoe that has a rubber bottom, as it will prevent slipping. Ideally, wear a boot that covers your ankles, as it will help prevent a sprain from happening.

Request A Friend To Help

Working on a roof alone can be dangerous, which is why you need somebody to watch you in case an accident does occur. They don't need to be physically on the roof with you, just on the ground and making sure that everything is okay.

Use Proper Ladder Placement

Grass is never perfectly level, which can make it dangerous to place a ladder on this uneven surface. If you want to ensure your safety, dig two small holes to place the legs of the ladder into, or use a board and some stakes to give the ladder some additional support behind its legs.

Watch The Weather

Wet roofs can be very dangerous. Always check the weather forecast, and pick a day that doesn't have any chance of rain to ensure your safety.  You should even look for a time where you will have several rain free days in a row just in case your repair can't be wrapped up in a single day.

If you do not feel comfortable doing your own roof repair, always remember that you can hire a professional to do your roof repair for you.


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